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New energy customers ‘will pay less’

14 February 2008 / by None
It may be worthwhile switching your energy provide in order to save money, despite most of the leading suppliers upping their prices, an expert has said.

Energywatch has pointed out that customers should still look at all tariffs available as many suppliers offer their best prices to new customers.

Commenting on suppliers saving the best rates to attract new customers, Georgina Walsh, spokesperson for Energywatch, said: “It’s well worth switching, because you can probably save at least £100, even if you change to another supplier on the same tariff – you can save more if you change tariffs.”

She added that there are also savings to be made if you subscribe to a supplier when you are outside of their original area, as companies can now offer better deals to try and attract customers from other regions.

The group also stressed that increased switching could lead to better competitiveness among suppliers as the current level is affected by “consumer inertia”.

Energywatch has commended EDF for maintaining its efforts to reduce costs for vulnerable customers.

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