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Only 3 months to go until digital TV switchover

26 July 2007
Seventy per cent of adults in the UK are unaware when their region will switch from analogue to digital television, research from uSwitch has revealed.

The survey, designed to assess the nation’s awareness about the digital TV switchover, found that nine out of ten adults now have a digital TV in their home, but many are still unaware when the changeover will take place.

More than 27 million believe that officials have not done enough to inform the public about how the switchover will affect them and what they need to do about it.

There are still 25 million non-digital TV sets in the UK, and only one in five know all the ways in which you can receive a digital TV signal, while 12 million wrongly believe that they might require a new TV set to receive it.

In January, there were 38 million people who didn’t know what date their area will go digital, compared to 33 million today, so the figures have improved slightly, but they are still in stark contrast to those from the recent Ofcom & Digital TV survey which positions nationwide awareness at 82%.

Steve Weller, Head of Communication Services at, comments: “The switch to digital is great news for viewers, bringing improved picture quality and a greater programme choice, so it is worrying to see that consumers are still baffled as to when it will happen and how they should prepare for it.

“It’s also disappointing that despite campaigns to educate the nation about the switchover, led by Digital UK, over half the population do not feel that enough is being done to keep them informed. With 12 million people wondering whether or not to buy a new TV, a lot of money could be potentially thrown down the drain unless education is stepped up.”

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