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Sky’s the limit for broadband uptake

03 May 2007
Sky Broadband has powered ahead with its bundled ‘See, Speak, Surf’ triple-play package, reaching 553,000 customers in the last nine months.

The company witnessed a net increase in broadband connections of 51,000 during that period.

It has also acquired 44,000 new telephony customers every month since January, noted’s communications head Steve Weller.

But there are limits to what Sky has given customers, Mr Weller remarked.

While 90 per cent of customers are connected to broadband within 15 days of signing up, that figure still leaves 2,000 new customers every week waiting longer than two weeks to get connected.

What is more, customers looking to connect to home phone or broadband must first be receiving Sky TV, which costs a minimum of £15 per month, added Karen Darby of

Nevertheless, all the publicity surrounding the public wrangle with Virgin Media over screening rights has apparently failed to dent Sky’s credibility with customers.

According to the European Commission, 24 per cent of British households now buy bundled communications packages – just higher than the European average of 20 per cent.

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