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Telecoms customers rush to bundle

09 March 2007
Two in three households in the UK are already £124 a year better off after signing up to a telecoms ‘bundle’, research from has shown.

A third of UK households have yet to discover bundling, but 27 per cent are planning to migrate to a bundled package within a year, uSwitch found.

Bundles can offer better value for money and the convenience of paying a single bill for two or more services.

‘Dual-play’ broadband and home phone bundles have proved most popular to date, attracting 33 per cent of customers, although bundles can include up to four products including broadband, home phone, mobile phone and digital TV.

So far, only 17 per cent of households have opted for converged broadband, home phone and digital television, a ‘triple play’ product, although switching to the Virgin ‘3 for £30’ package could save customers up to £100 per year compared to buying telecoms products separately, uSwitch’s head of communications services Steve Weller remarked.

Nevertheless, customers should be aware of potential drawbacks of bundled services, he warned, including longer contracts and the risk that poor customer service is replicated across each service you buy from the same provider.

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