Energy savings with Economy 7…

Economy 7 is a specific tariff that provides cheaper electricity during a seven hour period during the night. Many of the UK’s electricity and gas suppliers offer an Economy 7 tariff - to make best use of it and save money, you will need to:

  • Consume 20% of your electricity at night (usually after 1am)
  • Have a special electricity meter that provides two readings – one for the day, one for the night
  • Have boilers and night storage heaters switched on automatically during the night rather than the day
  • Try and operate appliances like washing machines and dishwashers at night.

Economy 7 is just one way of cutting your bills; you can also switch suppliers, change to dual fuel or switch to a direct debit payment; our FREE online comparison can help you. Just enter your postcode and some information about your current provider including how much you pay each month, into the form and we will search through all the tariffs in your area, including Economy 7 deals, to find the most competitive rate for your home.