Energy-saving bulbs ‘can help cut bills’

Written by Editorial Team

Energy-saving bulbs ‘can help cut bills’

25 October 2007

People who use low-energy light bulbs in their home can make savings on their electricity bills, it is claimed.

Which? has calculated that by converting one traditional 100-watt light bulb for a low-energy and environmentally-riendly equivalent, the bill payer will save up to £30 over five years on their household electricity costs.

Although standard incandescent bulbs are generally cheaper to purchase than their low-energy counterparts, at 40p compared to over £2, they use more electricity and have to be replaced more often, the independent advice company noted.

Energy-saving light bulbs can last up to eight years and a power station could be closed down if each UK household chose to save energy in this way, according to Which? research.

Which? editor Malcolm Coles said: “We want to turn people on to energy-saving light bulbs which give the double whammy of being good for the planet and good for the pocket.”

Sainsbury’s is providing a low-energy light bulb for customers shopping at its UK stores this Saturday and who sign a pledge committing to trying to save energy in the home.

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