Experienced Investors

Experienced Investors

"For experienced investors we have put together a selection of investment opportunities for income and growth"

This section of the website provides information on investment opportunities which we have deemed appropriate for experienced investors only.

An experienced investor is someone who has sufficient investment knowledge and experience to be able to weigh up the risks and merits of the investment opportunities listed in order to establish appropriateness.

Examples of experienced investors are as follows;

1. I am an existing customer of Fair Investment Company having invested in a capital at risk product.

2. In the last 5 years I have held an investment that puts my capital at risk.

3. In the last 5 years I have held a structured product.

Since an assessment of appropriateness forms part of our application process, we will be unable to proceed with an application for an investment listed in this section of our website unless appropriate knowledge and experience requirements are met. We reserve the right to request additional details from you.