Index Linked Annuities

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Index Linked Annuities

Index Linked annuities as their name suggests allow you to enjoy an income which is linked typically to the retail price index where every year income is adjusted in line with any changes in the cost of living. In inflationary times building in such an option provides valuable protection. As you would expect there is a significant cost when you buy this protection so the annuity you can expect will start at a much lower level than if you opted for a level annuity.


Each year, inflation related statistics are recorded by the Retail Price Index (RPI) and are then used by providers to calculate the income of retirees with an Index Linked Annuity agreement.

To compare annuities and find the best policy available, it Is recommended to take what is known as the ‘open market option’ whenever possible, as any agreement offered by your pension provider may not necessarily be a policy that is best suited to your needs.

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Annuity Quotes - Joint Life Aged 65 (Non smokers) Retail Price Inflation Linked
ProviderAnnual IncomePayment TermsPurchase AmountGet Quotes
£2,882Annual income for life£100,000More Info >
£2,877Annual income for life£100,000More Info >
£2,865Monthly income for life£100,000More Info >
£2,591Annual income for life£100,000More Info >
£2,589Annual income for life£100,000More Info >

Quotes based on man and a woman aged 65, £100,000.00 purchase amount, retail price linflation escalation, nil guaranteed period, paid in arrears without proportion, spouse/partner annuity of 66% payable on first death without overlap. Annuity rates correct as at 07/06/2013.