Written by Rachael Stiles

Insurance News ABI Offers Insurance Advice For Those Affected By Tornadoes 505

ABI offers insurance advice for those affected by tornadoes

25 September 2007
Following a series of tornados across southern and central England, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued insurance advice for home, business and vehicle owners.

The company states that damage to homes and businesses will be covered by buildings insurance, and that household policies will cover the cost of alternative accommodation (up to a certain point) if householders need to move out temporarily while the home is being repaired.

Comprehensive motor insurance policies will also cover damage to vehicles.

Director of general insurance for ABI, Nick Starling, said: “While tornados in the UK are thankfully very rare, unexpected extreme weather incidents like this are exactly what insurance is here for.”

People whose property has been damaged should contact insurers for advice about making a claim. The majority of insurers now have 24-hour helplines.

Repairs may be carried out, if they will help to avoid further damage but receipts should be kept as part of insurance claims.

“Insurers will be doing everything possible to help policyholders who have suffered damage, and will be dealing with all claims as quickly as they can,” said Mr Starling.

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