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Tying The Knot In Vegas Travel Insurance Is A Must

Written by Editorial Team

27 August 2008 / by Daniela Gieseler
The unpredictability of the British weather and high prices are prompting more and more Brits to get married at new wedding hotspots abroad, new research by Halifax Travel Insurance has found.

Halifax surveyed 2,000 Brits, asking where in the world they were most likely to tie the knot, some of which came up with unlikely locations such as Disneyland – which seems to be particularly popular with men.

The list of dream wedding locations is topped by the Caribbean, closely followed by the Hawaiian island Maui, the Amalfi coast in Italy and Las Vegas, USA. With celebs like Peaches Geldof or Coleen and Wayne Rooney opting for a wedding at these hotspots, their popularity is bound to increase further.

Vicky Watson, spokesperson for Halifax Travel Insurance, said: “The choice of location both of these celebrity couples made featured in our research proving that a wedding abroad is something many of us think and dream about.

“Las Vegas has a huge kitsch appeal as a wedding venue – and the thought of getting married in a 24-hour drive thru chapel by an Elvis Presley look-alike clearly appeals to some people”, she added.

A large number of hotels and venues overseas offer competitive wedding packages or the services of an in-house wedding coordinator, making the preparation of a wedding a much more stress-free experience for both the bride and groom. And, it’s also a chance to leave the wedding guests at home.

Vicky Watson, spokesperson for Halifax Travel Insurance, advised couples to treat their wedding abroad like an overseas holiday and take out travel insurance: “It is important to consider travel insurance as a mandatory aspect in the wedding preparations.” she said.

“The bride and groom may also want to consider taking out the additional cover that specialist wedding insurance providers can offer, while guests travelling abroad will need to ensure they have a travel policy that includes cover for loss of baggage.”

Ms Watson added: “Delays in flights and loss of luggage holding expensive items such as wedding outfits can cause havoc, and heartache, for couples on their way to getting married.”

Taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy before you leave is therefore a must to ensure everyone will arrive at the wedding location all ready for the ‘big day.

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