Jewellers Insurance

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If you run a jewellery shop, you will have a lot of expensive stock, so you will need adequate jewellers insurance to protect you. Remember, a standard policy for a domestic property will not be sufficient, because it will not take into account the fact that you have employees and customers on the premises, precious stock, or the risk of loss of profits should the business have to close temporarily following a claim.

With jewellers insurance, you can protect:

  • Your building
  • Your buildings' contents
  • Your employees
  • Your customers
  • Your trade position

This means that should your shop be broken into or damaged by fire, flood, storm or anything else beyond your control, you will not lose out financially, and should an employee or customer get injured while on your premises, you will be covered for any legal bills that may arise as a result.

To find the best jewellers insurance for your business, check out the table below for some of the latest deals on business insurance:

Shop and Retail Insurance Deals
ProviderPublic LiabilityAdditional BenefitsApply
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