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Britons consult family when buying cars

27 February 2006
Over half of Britons would ask a member of their family for advice about buying a car, rather than a professional, research from Halifax Unsecured Personal Loans states.

Family members were put above friends and mechanics when people needed advice about which car to buy.

Other results from the survey found that we are more likely to ask a male for advice than a female and that we are more prone to ask for advice the younger we are.

As over a fifth of unsecured personal loans are used to buy a car, insurers see it as important that people receive the right advice.

Ian Corfield, head of Halifax Unsecured Personal Loans, said: “Other than buying a house, cars are probably the most expensive purchases we make.”

“It’s important to get the right advice – both about the car you’re intending to buy and how you’re going to finance the purchase. It is worrying that nearly one in five people said they wouldn’t seek advice.”

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