Loan News Plastic Fantastic For Brits Says Yorkshire Bank

Written by Editorial Team
11 February 2005

New research from Yorkshire Bank reveals that many Britons would buy their partner cosmetic surgery if money were no object.

In a survey conducted into people’s dream spending, Yorkshire Bank discovered that a massive 2.8 million, or six per cent, of UK adults would pay for their loved one to go under the knife.

Another five per cent of British adults would also subject themselves to the same ordeal, saying they were willing to consider plastic surgery if they could afford it.

The bank’s findings reveal that many consumers may be spending too much time dreaming about their perfect purchases and not enough considering their actual financial situation.

The figures show that one in seven people were planning to pay for their January sales bargains on a store card, but 84 per cent of store card holders didn’t know the exact interest rate on their cards – which can be anything up to 30 per cent.

“Our advice to customers who are currently worrying about how they are going to pay off their store and credit card bills is to combine all the debt into one personal loan,” advises Gary Lumby, head of retail at Yorkshire Bank.

“Not only will consumers benefit from a far lower interest rate, but the structured monthly payments are far more manageable.”

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