Loan News Save And Spend Britons Brag About Bargains

Written by Editorial Team
14 May 2007

Britons are putting bargains top of their shopping list, has claimed, as its research shows over 24 million people describe themselves as ‘bargain hunters’.

Bargain hunters are concentrated in Wales and Scotland, the survey showed, where 55 per cent of people described themselves as cheap-seekers compared to 50 per cent nationwide.

But customers who perceive themselves as careful with money could find this self-congratulatory attitude actually fuels more feel-good spending.

“While recent research suggests that Britain’s propensity to save has shown some improvement over the last year, much more remains to be done,” stressed’s chief executive David Elms.

Moreover, the claim that Britons are no longer interested in trendy brand names is belied by the surge of excitement over the latest fads such as Kate Moss’ Topshop collection.

According to, 63 per cent of bargain shoppers know their debt levels down to the nearest £10 compared with 58 per cent of people countrywide.

But even spending on the cheapest consumer goods around will mean the accumulation of more debt for consumers already tied down to loan and credit card repayments.

According to CreditExpert, six million Britons think a personal debt under £15,000 is nothing to worry about.

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