Students Need Lectures On Loans Says Endsleigh

Written by Editorial Team

01 December 2004

Endsleigh has said that students should get loan advice at university to help them dodge debt problems.

A survey by Endsleigh found a large spread in how students regard their debt.

Graduates from the University of Brighton believed they would pay off their debt in just four years, while students at the University of Middlesex estimated it would take 13 years to get into the black.

“The survey shows just how difficult it is for people to make a realistic assessment of pack-back rates of credit,” said Dan Vale, head of policy at Citizens Advice (CAB).

“Greater awareness of how to shop wisely for credit and cope with debt is needed among graduates just as much as in the rest of the population.

“The CAB service deals with over one million enquiries about debt every year. We would urge any graduate who is worried about repaying their student debts to visit their local CAB for free and confidential advice.”

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