Tips From Finance Firm ‘steer Drivers Through Car Buying’

Written by Editorial Team
22 August 2007

A new guide produced by a financial firm has been released in order to aid drivers looking to buy a used car.

Firstly, Halifax Unsecured Personal Loans has told consumers to work out what they can afford to pay each month, as well as any balloon payment at the end of the process.

Avoid meeting a private seller anywhere except his or her property or a public place in order to reduce the risk of being attacked or mugged.

Lastly, the organisation warned buyers to be wary of people selling on old cars which have simply been cleaned up – oil stains on the driveway is a clue.

“It makes sense to take your time and choose the right used car, but buyers should also ensure they do the same when it comes to financing it,” said Neil Chandler, head of personal loans.

Those looking for a new vehicle may be swayed by the 57 licence plate which comes out in September 2007.

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