Loan News UK Ladies Spend Beyond Their Means

Written by Editorial Team
19 July 2006

Most UK ladies are spending like they are going out with a premiere league footballer when in reality they are facing relegation into debt, a new survey has found.

Thanks to easy access to a credit card or a personal loan, four fifths of British women are spending more than they bring in.

In the More survey, women are spending rather than saving for things such as mortgages. This is unsurprising as top of the poll of women other women admired was the one of Britain’s greatest shoppers, Victoria Beckham.

Unlike most other women, Mrs Beckham has the finances to support the purchase of £8,000 of skiing gear without even going skiing, yet others are still getting into large debt to make themselves look good.

Half of the 2,000 women polled owe an average of £3,830 on credit cards and 40 per cent have been bailed out by parents.

Instead of saving for a house which many now regard as a distant dream, young women are going into debt and living for today, regardless of the disastrous financial consequences this could bring.

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