Mortgage News BDS Mortgage Group Moves Into Equity Release Market

Written by Editorial Team
19 February 2009 / by Rachel Mason

The BDS Mortgage Group is launching a whole of market equity release opportunity for its brokers.

The firm recently surveyed its network members and found that 35 per cent thought they would be moving into the equity release area in 2009, so it is holding an equity release network training session next month with the aim to have around 10 brokers authorised straight away.

“Adding an equity release opportunity to our proposition means we can cater for those appointed representatives who are itching to move into this area,” explained Phil Jay, MD of BDS Mortgages.

“This is not something we expect or anticipate everyone to consider as there are additional compliance checks, costs and restrictions; however for those willing to put in the time with qualifications etc. we want to support them and help them make it a success.”

Adrian Chambers, a BDS Mortgages network member and MD at Marchwood Financial, says he is happy BDS has decided to move into the equity release arena.

“I am delighted that BDS has launched an equity release proposition as with market conditions as they are we are keen to explore this new opportunity,” he said.

“It is vital that homeowners in this target audience gain advice from a qualified and trusted source and that is why we at Marchwood have invested our own time and resource into taking the exams and are looking forward to being able to put our marketing plans into action.”

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