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Points to consider when looking for multiple pet insurance include:

  • The multi-pet discount offered – most pet insurance providers offer you a discount if you insure more than one pet under the same policy.
  • The level of vet’s fees that are covered for each pet, per year.
  • Are the vets fees paid directly? This can be convenient if you have several pets to care for.
  • Whether there is an excess fee to pay when making a claim,and how much it is per pet.

You can compare a range of pet insurance deals through the table above and find out about discounts for multiple pet insurance:

Types of multiple pet insurance

Lifetime petinsurance – A lifetime pet insurance policy offers the most comprehensivelevel of cover for your pets. These plans, as the name suggests, are designedto last for the entire life of your pets, covering any new illness or injuryafter the date the policy is taken out (you will not be covered for your pet’sexisting illnesses or injuries). These policies require annual renewal, so makesure you set a date to renew each year or you will no longer have the cover youneed.

Non-lifetime pet insurance – this type of pet insurance limits how much they pay per condition before it’s excluded. This type of pet insurance will pay out a set amount for any different conditions your pets have, with no time limit.However, once the payment limit is used up, no further payouts will be available.

Time-limited non-lifetime pet insurance – this type of pet insurance offers the same limited payout plan as non-lifetime pert insurance, but also places a time limit on how long you can claim for the condition. After this time has elapsed,the condition will be excluded from any further payouts.

Accident-only pet insurance – This is the most basic type of pet insurance policy and only covers your pets for accidents and injuries. Other illnesses are excluded. The policies may be cheapest at the outset, but they could prove expensive if your pets get ill in the future as you will not be covered.

Find the best value pet insurance

However tight your budget, it’s worth insuring your pets in order to help them live a long, healthy life, as well as to save you money on vet’s bills in the future. When comparing pet insurance policies it’s a good idea to shop around and compare a wide range of insurers. Look for specific policies for your pets, as many insurers offer specialised cat, dog, horse, or exotic pet insurance, which could offer a better deal and a level of cover that is tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

You can compare a range of deals from pet insurance providers with our free comparison service. Just click on the links above to compare features and apply online today for great discounts.

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