Payment Protection Insurance Providers

PPI is available from a range of payment protection providers, offering peace of mind that if you are affected by illness, accident or unemployment, you could get help to keep up with your outgoings for up to 24 months.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) could provide you with a monthly, tax-free payment to go towards covering a range of outgoings. Get an instant quote using the quick form through the link above.

There are a number of payment protection providers, offering cover to protect your income should you find yourself unable to work. The things that PPI could cover include:

  • A proportion of your income
  • Mortgage or rent repayments
  • Some of your loan or credit card payments
  • A portion of other household bills and expenses

If you lost your job, would your household be able to cope financially? With our simple form, you can get an instant PPI quote in minutes.