RBS Business Current Accounts

Compare RBS Business Current Accounts

Opening a business current account with the RBS could help you to manage your finances effectively on a day to day basis. Most customers will generally want an account that is flexible, easy to access, low in service charges and provides professional advice and support. If you are considering banking with RBS, their business current account advertises the following features and benefits:  

  • Competitive tariff rates
  • Access to credit/debit cards with named overdraft features
  • Convenient fast pay ins with minimal waiting periods
  • Access to a personalised cheque book with your company logo (small fee required)
  • Access to a night safe for making out of hours deposits

In order to find the most competitive offers, customers are encouraged to compare business current account deals from other banks as much as possible. Please see below latest business current account deals from RBS and other providers:


Compare Business Current Account Deals
 AccountInterest (AER)Account ChargeCheque ChargeDebit CardFeaturesApply
n/a0.5% of cheque valueyesNo credit checks, pay in at Barclays branches and at the Post Office , pay bills using Faster Payments from your smart-phone, UK call centre.Call Now >

Whether you are a small business that is just starting out, or if you have been operating for many years, a good deal on a business current account should always be carefully considered.


If you are considering opening a business current account or switching to a new provider, you may want to look out for the following benefits:


  • Competitive introductory rates and benefits
  • Online banking and overdraft facilities
  • Support from a provider’s professional business advisor


We believe that the key to finding the best possible offer is to shop around and compare business current account deals from different providers. This should provide customers with a firm idea of the type of account they will be best suited to the needs of their business.