Retirement Annuity Advice

Retirement Annuity Advice

If you are approaching retirement and you are looking to generate income from your pension funds through annuity purchase, then getting advice is advisable as once you buy an annuity there is no going back. The difference on what is offer from one annuity provider to the next can be considerable, and you current pension provider may offer you a deal, but it pays to shop around. If you have impaired health you may also benefit from a medical annuity arrangement.


For more information on annuities see our Guide to Annuities

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When seeking advice on choosing the right annuity option, it is important to ensure that advice is impartial, as many companies, banks and building societies can only advise on their own products and not those of their competitors.

Thinking of buying an Annuity from your pension fund or from private capital? Our Retirement Annuity Service provides:-

  • Depending on your pension provider up to 40% More Annuity Income
  • Information on different types of annuity arrangement including investment annuities & with profit annuities
  • Assessment of your circumstances to find the most suitable type of annuity for you or whether there are any other options more suited to you.
  • Information on lifestyle annuities - including  smoker annuities and impaired health annuities you may get even more annuity income.
  • Comparing annuity rates to ensure that you maximise your annuity income.
  • Explaining the retirement annuity options available to you.
  • Helping you with the relevant paperwork to ensure that you annuity is processed smoothly.

 Important Risk Information:

This website contains information only and does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation in any way whatsoever. The value of investments and income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested. The tax efficiency of ISAs is based on current tax law and there is no guarantee that tax rules will stay the same in the future.

Different types of investment carry different levels of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you read the Important Risk Information for further details. Prior to making any decision to invest, you should ensure that you are familiar with the risks associated with a particular investment and should read the product literature. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a particular investment, both in respect of its objectives and its risk profile, you should seek independent financial advice.