Savings Deposit Plan Offering Potential 6% pa

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 27th May 2019

Tackle low savings rates with a potential 6.0% per year…

“The potential for 6% interest from cash makes for a compelling headline, especially when savings rates and Cash ISA rates are so low, and inflation remains a constant challenge.

The FTSE 100 Kick-Out Deposit Plan offers capital protection along with the potential to pay 6.0% interest per year (not compounded). The plan will mature early or ‘kick out’, provided the value of the FTSE at the end of each year from year 3 onwards, is higher than its value at the start of the plan (subject to averaging). That’s a potential 18% after 3 years, or another 6.0% for each additional year thereafter. If the Index is lower on all of these dates, you will only receive a return of your initial deposit.

So by linking your return to the FTSE, this plan replaces the certainty of a fixed rate of interest, with the opportunity to more than double current long term savings rates, whilst still offering the capital protection of a deposit-based plan.”

Oliver Roylance-Smith, head of savings and investment

Open to individuals (cash deposits and Cash ISAs), businesses and charities.

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