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Top UK Current Accounts People are Switching To

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 30th May 2023

Looking for a better deal on your current account?

Recent Bacs data has ranked the accounts Britons are switching to, from July 2019-September 2019.

The main reasons appear to be joining or switching perks, including fee-free withdrawals abroad, high-tech personalised banking features, and the classic switching bonuses.

We’ve broken down the most popular accounts people are switching to – and the perks they offer.


  • Flex Direct is a very popular current account with great benefits for new users, or people looking to switch
  • If you put £1000 into the account each month, you can earn 5% AER on balanced up to £2,500
  • £100 switching bonus for the First Direct account
  • After the year, you will get 1% AER per year
  • This offer is only available to new users
  • Easy account management through online or mobile app


  • Their main selling point is the user-friendly app-based account
  • In-app tacking and notification of transactions and payments
  • Very quick to open account
  • Flexible overdraft offerings
  • Savings options via “pots”
  • Ability to switch without trips to the bank – in 7 days
  • Switch Guarantee
  • No fees for withdrawals abroad


  • Easy use mobile banking app
  • A £175 switching bonus for Advance and Premier Accounts
  • £75 switching bonus for HSBC account
  • 75% AER savings rate on current accounts
  • Multiple account options for different needs
  • Online banking options


  • Personalised in-app management
  • In-app tracking, notification of transfers and payments
  • Speedy switching, within 7 days
  • Current account options – including personal, join, Euro and Teen
  • No fees for withdrawals while travelling
  • Flexible overdraft and savings options

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