Trustee Investment Bonds

Opening a trustee investment bond is one option that you could have in the event that you were appointed to be responsible for a trust.  As a trustee, you could open and manage such an account on behalf of a beneficiary.

Trustee investment bonds could be of use in a variety of circumstances, such as:


  • You need a way to supervise funds that have been placed under your responsibility for a beneficiary who is too young or incapacitated to take charge of the money themselves.
  • You are the trustee of a charitable organisation and would like to invest funds.
  • You run a business and are looking to organise an employee benefit trust; this could be used to store funds for purposes such as paying bonuses, sick pay or for employee training courses.

If you are looking to open a trustee investment bond, it is important to be aware that each provider will tend to vary in terms of which interest rates and terms will be offered. You may therefore wish to compare a number of different trustee investment bonds to ensure that you get the best savings account deal available.

In the tables below you can compare a range of trustee investment savings bonds and capital protected investments, so help you choose the right one.


Trustee Savings Accounts
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Structured Deposits for Trusts - Income
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Structured Deposits for Trusts - Growth
ProviderPlan NameMaximum Potential Return*TermMore Info
FTSE 100 Kick Out Deposit Plan


per annum

Up to
6 years
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Capital protected deposit plan with the potential to mature after years 3, 4, 5 and 6. If the plan matures early it will return 5% times the number of years the plan has been in force. Also available for Cash ISA and ISA transfer.
* Maximum Growth Yields are not guaranteed and subject to certain conditions

We have compiled the trustee investment bond comparison tables below to help you with you with your search for a suitable deal.  They contain information on a number of options that could be currently available to you:

As you shop around for a trustee investment bond, you are likely to encounter the fact that there are many different types available. These could offer different features, such as:


  • Instant access
  • Notice accounts
  • Trustee investment bonds that are linked to an existing account
  • Different interest rates.

Your search for a appropriate place to keep the assets entrusted to your care could be made easier if you use our comparison tables to look at different investment bonds and savings account deals available.