There are over 18 UK electric companies, some of which only supply electricity but most offer gas as well. Electricity is metered meaning you only pay for units you use but rates can differ substantially across the different UK electric suppliers .You can switch your electricity provider at any time if you wish, saving yourself pounds on your monthly energy bills.  

  • Taking out a dual fuel contract – many UK electric companies will offer a discount if you use them to supply both your electricity and gas
  • Switch suppliers and you could save pounds with a new tariff from a different UK gas company
  • Arrange to pay your bills via direct debit rather than online, over the phone or by post
  • Make sure you pay your bills promptly and you could be liable for a further discount

Compare UK electricity companies with our FREE online comparison tool. Simply atype your postcode to the online form to see how much you could save if you switched to another UK electric company.