Credit Cards
Credit Cards

Ultimate gold credit card for millionaires

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 13th December 2018

At last – an actual gold card for the super-rich. How have they managed without one?

How discouraging to finally qualify for a gold credit card – only to find that it’s just made of plastic like all the others. Where’s the street cred in that?

At last, the Royal Mint is working on developing an 18-carat gold credit card that will work in cash points and for contactless payments.

It adds a whole new meaning to “flashing the cash.”

The owner’s signature will be engraved on the back,  and the cards are expected to cost around £3,000 each. Which could make losing a credit card even more painful.

MasterCard is handling the technology to process payments, and the cards are already being offered to multi-millionaires. If you haven’t already received your letter… disappointing.