Vodaphone Mobile Phone Insurance

Compare Vodaphone Mobile Phone Insurance Deals

Vodaphone supplies mobile phone insurance to cover your Vodafone mobile against accidental damage, theft and accidental loss. It is currently available to Vodaphone Pay Monthly customers. Compare Vodaphone mobile phone insurance deals with other top offers in the table below and see how much you could save on mobile phone insurance:

Compare Mobile Phone Insurance
ProviderMax CoverStandard ExcessWorldwide CoverMonthly Costs From:Additional BenefitsApply
£775£25yes£3.99Accidental Damage; Liquid Damage; Mechanical Breakdown; Immediate CoverApply Now >

Benefits of Vodaphone Mobile Phone Insurance

Depending on which level of mobile phone insurance you choose, phone cover from Vodaphone could include:

  • Accidental loss – if you lose your mobile phone you could be covered for a replacement handset
  • Theft – cover if your mobile phone is stolen       
  • Accidental damage – we’ve all dropped our mobile phone occasionally, and this cover can protect you in the event that the handset is broken           
  • £200 accessory cover     
  • 30 days worldwide cover – ensure your mobile phone is covered when you are abroad
  • Covers any user of the phone
  • Excess up to £25

What to look for when choosing mobile phone insurance

Mobile phone insurance is available both from standard insurance providers and mobile phone stores. Mobile phone insurance aims to cover your phone against a variety of possible events such as theft or fraud,with different packages offering different options depending on the cover required. Mobile phone insurance can cover a number of areas to varying degrees, including:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss
  • Account abuse resulting from theft

Be sure to examine deals from both insurance companies and mobile phone stores to make sure you’re receiving the best deal. A number of phone stores aim sell expensive mobile phone insurance so make sure you shop around before you buy.