Barclays launches new pre pay Travel Money Card

Written by Editorial Team

Barclays launches new pre pay Travel Money Card

26 July 2007

Barclays has launched a new pre-pay Travel Money Card, which it claims offers one of the safest ways to carry and spend money abroad.

The Travel Money Card can be acquired for free from Barclays and then loaded with any amount of money between £100 and £2500 or an equivalent amount in US dollars or Euros; the balance of the card can be topped up whenever you want in a Barclays branch or over the phone.

The card can then be used at cash points or to pay for something directly anywhere where a Visa is accepted.

The idea is that holidaymakers will be able to spend without fear of going into debt as you cannot spend more than you originally put onto the card.

There are no fees for putting money onto the card or using it to pay for something in its set currency, although there is a two per cent charge on withdrawals from cash points.

“The Barclays travel card is the most convenient and safest way to carry foreign currency: it’s safer than cash and more flexible than travellers’ cheques,” said Barclays current and savings account director, Andrew Jones. “Furthermore it helps holidaymakers budget for the spending on their trip by not allowing them to spend more than the balance on the card…and with its VISA status it is accepted across the globe.”

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