Borrowers ‘ultimately responsible’ for inadequate lending

Written by Editorial Team
27 January 2006

Borrowers should ensure that they take responsibility for how much they are lending, according to a financial expert.

This comes after a report by price comparison website found that there are serious failures in the British lending industry when issuing credit cards.

Around 88 per cent of prospective borrowers were not asked to prove their salary when they were issued their credit card, while a further 95 per cent were not obliged to demonstrate their repayment ability.

But a financial expert does not think that these figures should cause an outcry.

“It is an old story that has been going around for ages. Credit card companies have never asked to verify your salary 100 per cent,” said Mark Maguire, a spokesperson for Egg.

He said that if lenders had to make these checks, it would mean “months of pay slips and waiting six to eight weeks for your card”.

Mr Maguire said that the cardholders should ensure they are accountable and honest as to their incomes and repayment means.

“There is a responsibility on the part of the provider, but also for a borrower to do so within their means.”