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The United Kingdom has hundreds of miles of inland canals and rivers that are waiting to be explored. If you own and regularly use a canal boat, insurance should be high up on your list of priorities. The best way to get a great deal is to compare a few different boat insurance quotes. To begin doing so, all you have to do is follow the link above.

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Canal boat insurance is slightly different in its priorities than regular boat insurance, although they are by and large very similar. Canal boat insurance tends to focus more on protection against theft of belongings, accidental damage and personal accident cover rather damage caused by extreme weather or transporting the vessel.

Another important point regarding canal boat insurance is to know when your canal boat will be required to undergo a survey. This can differ from insurer to insurer but most insist on an inspection once the boat is 25 years old, and then every 6 years after that.

While canal boat insurance policies can be tailored to your needs, it is likely that to get a full waterways license you will need a minimum of third party liability cover. Most canal boat insurance quotes that you will be bale to get will come with a list of exclusions that you need to be aware of before agreeing to any one policy. This will tend to include things like:


  • If you are using the canal boat as a home without informing the insurer beforehand
  • Damage that is caused by damp
  • Loss occurring from theft where it is clear you have not taken the necessary precautions
  • Any loss or damage that was initially caused by you

If you keep all of this in mind when looking at different canal boat insurance quotes, you should be better placed to pick out the deal that is right for you.

Compare Boat Insurance Quotes
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