Compare Contents Insurance for Listed Buildings

A listed building in England can fall into one of three categories:

  1. Grade 1 listed buildings are those that are considered to be of unique interest
  2. Grade 2 listed buildings are rare and unique examples relating to a special interest 
  3. Grade 3 listed buildings are of importance to a special interest

Someone looking to secure contents insurance for listed buildings will have to consult specialist insurers as this is beyond the scope of most major home contents insurance providers. There are three vital elements to securing contents insurance for listed buildings:

  • A detailed valuation of the building and all of its content must be carried out by professionals and historical buildings experts
  • The insurance company will need to have the total cost of reinstatement cover explained to them. Reinstatement cover is how much it would cost to entirely replace all of the contents housed within the building
  • The specialist insurer will have to provide high net worth cover, which is given to buildings with contents valuing more than £75,000

See below to compare contents insurance for listed buildings, to help you find the right cover for you at the best price.

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