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Egg card suits ‘busy’ people

18 May 2006
For those prone to leaving credit card payments until the deadline day or forgetting about them altogether until that reminder notice or late payment penalty gets slapped on you, the Egg credit card could be the answer.

The online card provider operates a system where every customer is required to set up a direct debit to their current account so that at least the minimum payment must be met every month.

This approach ensures that no fees or charges are levied against those who are struggling with time or a multitude of debts because the minimum requirements of the card are always met.

“People have busy lives today,” said Mark Maguire, PR manager for Egg. “It is easy to forget to make a payment sometimes [so] all customers are required to set up a direct debit.

“We try to make it easy for customers to make their payments on time.”

Credit card penalty charges have recently come under scrutiny in an Office of Fair Trading report, which required all card providers to slash their “unreasonably high” fees for missed payments.

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