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January ‘good time for credit card deals’

28 December 2005
There is no better time to switch credit cards than January, according to

The price comparison website says credit card competition “hots up” in January, which is good news for consumers who have vowed to rearrange their finances in the New Year.

MINT’s Standard, Gold and Platinum cards are already at the top of the pile, according to the website, while Egg comes a close second when it comes to good credit card deals.

Nick White, head of personal finance, said: “January is traditionally a time when competition hots up in the credit card and personal loans market, with new low-rate deals launched in a bid to attract indebted consumers to move their debt to them.

“As such, I’m sure we’ll see other card providers following MINT’s lead in the New Year.

“It is likely that we will see more innovation and change in the card market with the potential for more charges and fees introduced as providers try to recover losses as the low-rate deals prove increasingly unprofitable for them.”

A recent survey by Alliance & Leicester found a quarter of Brits plan to re-arrange their finances in the New Year in a bid to avoid debt.

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