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Moneysupermarket: World Cup fans beware credit card fees

25 May 2006
Financial comparison website has warned fans travelling to support England in the World Cup this summer that foreign transactions could cost them almost £800,000.

Credit cards will provide a good fall-back option for travelling fans, using them to fund impromptu spending sprees in cheaper European shops and for the extra security of them as an alternative to cash.

However, the internet site warns that by spending on plastic, England supporters will incur handling fees for using the card in Germany, which estimates place at over £390,000 in total over the four week tournament.

Charges for withdrawing cash at ATMs on the continent are also high, at least £2 or 2.75 per cent each time, and these costs can mount up. Estimates from put the collective figure for this at over £400,000.

“British fans need to make sure they do not solely rely on their credit card for purchases because not only are credit card fees abroad expensive, they are not widely used in Germany,” said Robert Kenley, head of credit cards at

“German consumers tend be reticent about paying for everyday items on credit because of the social stigma associated to unsecured borrowing.”

The warning comes just a week after fans travelling to Germany were warned of the dangers of “dynamic currency exchange”, where shop vendors will charge you in your own currency but apply an unreasonable exchange rate for the privilege.

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