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VoicePal’s recognition technology sets out to combat fraud

01 May 2007
As more Britons opt for the convenience of buying consumer goods online, the inventor of a new voice recognition technology hopes that banks will partner with him in eliminating online identity fraud.

Entrepreneur Nick Ogden told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that his VoicePay software automatically telephones a user to check their identity when they try to use their credit card to buy online.

The system is supposed to eliminate the risk of other people fraudulently using a credit card which does not belong to them by checking the voices of the current user and the cardholder match.

Trialling the technology on the Today programme, Nick Ogden demonstrated how the service is set up.

It asks the user to enunciate a series of numbers, and remembers the way the cardholder speaks the numbers.

When it later telephones them to verify their identity, VoicePay asks the user to repeat a random series of numbers.

If there is any doubt over the identity of the person on the end of the phone, the system blocks the payment.

VoicePay is in talks with several UK banks and hopes to introduce the service later this year, Mr Ogden told the Guardian.

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