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Friends Provident life insurance
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With Friends Provident life insurance you can choose a level of cover that suits your circumstances and requirements. It can help by paying out a lump sum to provide for your family if you die and also the peace of mind that your family will be able to cope financially. Life cover includes:

  • A tax-free pay out lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term of your policy.
  • Peace of mind that your family’s home and lifestyle will not be at risk if something happens to you.
  • Cover for looking after you, your household and children while you are terminally ill.

It is important that you choose the right level of cover for your circumstances, taking into consideration the cover and cost – if you need more help in finding the right life insurance policy, speak to one of our specialist advisors who will use the information you provide to compare quotes for and see if a Friends Provident life insurance policy is the right one for you.

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If you are unsure about the level of life insurance you require or need to review your existing life insurance policies use our FREE life insurance review service.

Life Insurance Quotes - Female Aged 50
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15 years
£18.00 pm
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15 years
£19.88 pm
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The figures above are based upon £100,000 life insurance only cover for female aged 50, non smoker and in normal health. Quotation based on 15 year level term and sourced on a guaranteed basis. (details correct as at June 2011). The quotes above provide an example of the difference in premium you can pay for the same cover. To ensure you get the right cover for your circumstances please complete our no obligation enquiry form to speak to a life insurance specialist.