Gartmore China Opportunities fund could benefit investors

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Gartmore China Opportunities fund could benefit investors

26 April 2010 / by Lois Avery

Investors looking to take advantage of China’s economic strength should place their money in the Gartmore China Opportunities fund, says The Share Centre.

The Share Centre’s Platinum 120 range suggests that the Gartmore China Opportunities fund is an ideal way to invest in the region aims to achieve a long-term return and is ideal for investors willing to take a higher level of risk.

Sheridan Admans, investment adviser at The Share Centre, said: “Over the last decade, China has become a prominent market in the world economy. It has become more open to overseas investment, freer with its media and adopted a more capitalist market system in what is still a communist country.

“The strength of China’s ability to grow can be demonstrated by the projection of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Last Wednesday, it revised its forecast for China’s 2011 economic growth to 9.9%, just three months after it had forecast 9.7% growth.”

According to The Share Centre Gartmore’s China Opportunities fund manager, Charlie Awdry, visits the region at least three times a year to review his investments and make decisions about the 70 stock strong fund.

The fund has an annual charge of 1.50% and an initial charge of 5.00%. The minimum initial investment is £1000 and the minimum additional investment is £250. In terms of performance, the fund returned 51.70% over a 3 year cumulative period and 193.82% over a 5 year cumulative period.

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