Insurance News Car Insurance Could Protect 400000 Handbags Stolen From Cars Each Year

Written by Editorial Team
25 November 2008 / by Rachael Stiles

More than 400,000 women in the UK have had their handbags stolen from their cars in the last year, according to research from car insurance provider Diamond, with an estimated total value of £178million a year.

The women’s car insuranceprovider found that handbags left in cars are an easy steal for thieves which are bagging an average £431.68 per theft, which doesn’t even take into account the cost of replacing car keys and house keys, or the car if they happen to take that too.

“It’s shocking to see just how many handbags are stolen each year from cars, and that shows exactly why you should never leave your bag on display in your car.” said Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond car insurance.

“In the run up to the festive season thieves will be on the look out for easy targets so however stressed out and rushed you are to find that perfect present, you should never leave anything on show in your unattended car that could attract a potential thief. Can you imagine losing your bank cards and mobile phone in the run up to Christmas when you need them the most?”

To try and avoid becoming a victim of theft, Diamond recommends that women do not leave anything of any value in sight when they leave their car unattended, even if it is worthless, as it could still look valuable to a thief.

Leaving a handbag under the seat is not a wise hiding place as this is the first place a thief will look. If it must be left in the car, Diamond suggests locking it in the boot where it is out of sight and harder to reach.

Drivers should ensure they never leave their doors unlocked or the windows or sunroof open when leaving the car unattended, even if they are just popping into the garage to pay for petrol, and should never leave the cars in the ignition.

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