Insurance News Car Insurance For Women Or Older Drivers Not Always Best Value Says Moneysupermarket

Written by Editorial Team
26 January 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Drivers should shop around for their car insurance to ensure they get the best deal, because specific cover, such as for women or more mature drivers, might not always represent the best value, has warned.

Some insurance companies offer niche policies, like women’s car insurance and car insurance for over 50s, but these specialist options should be considered alongside the wider car insurance market, the comparison website says.

In some instances, car insurance for women drivers and older drivers is cheaper, because, statistically, these demographics pose less of a threat on the roads and have fewer accidents, therefore making fewer claims on their insurance.

There are companies such as Shiela’s Wheels car insurance and Diamond car insurance which offer cover exclusively for women drivers.

But research from has found that a 30 year old woman with a Ford Focus could pay £622 a year if she chose car insurance specifically for women drivers compared to £388 for a policy from a traditional insurer.

“Specialist insurers such as Sheilas’ Wheels and Diamond may appear to be a better value alternative for women – catering specifically for their motoring needs.” said Andy Leadbetter, managing director of insurance at “Our research however shows it pays to scour the whole market for the best value policy to suit individual circumstances; paying almost £400 over the odds is an unnecessary expenditure.

Older drivers should also ensure that they compare car insurance quotes and not choose a policy based purely on the fact that it is aimed at them.

The study revealed that a 60 year old male driving a Ford Focus could pay £200 more for specialist cover – £431 compared to £234 from a standard provider.

Andy Leadbetter added that “older drivers must also be wary of paying more than necessary. Our research reveals it’s quick and easy to compare insurance and find a quote online.”

However, specialist insurance for women can also offer added benefits geared towards their needs – such as handbag cover, female-friendly garages, and 24 roadside assistance – so urges drivers to weigh up the pros and cons and compare quotes.

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