Insurance News CIS Car Insurance Cost For Young Soars Amid Road Deaths

Written by Editorial Team
20 March 2007

Rising numbers of fatalities and serious injuries resulting from road accidents involving young drivers could hike the cost of insurance for the young, Co-operative Insurance (CIS) has warned.

Accidents involving motorists under 25 have soared, CIS believes. Every day, 35 drivers and passengers aged 15 to 25 are killed or seriously injured.

And the majority of young people could start to suffer from the carelessness or misfortune of a few, CIS director of general insurance, David Neave, warned.

Young drivers now pay 22 per cent more for their insurance than in 2004, despite the fact that average cover for all motorists costs only two per cent more on average.

If this trend continues many young car owners will be unable to afford insurance,” Mr Neave cautioned.

“We have a duty to try and prevent future losses which in turn will make motor insurance more affordable,” he added.

Road safety charity Brake is now working with CIS to educate younger people on road safety.

“Too many young people think they are invincible and fail to consider how their dangerous actions behind the wheel can kill and maim themselves, their friends and other road users,” stressed Jools Townsend, Brake’s head of education.

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