Don’t Find Yourselves Stranded Abroad Without Car Insurance Warns MoneyExpert

04 July 2007 / by None

UK holidaymakers planning to use their own cars abroad should check they are actually going to be sufficiently covered, warns MoneyExpert.

Recent research from the comparison site shows that 25% of all comprehensive car insurance policies have a limit of three days cover outside the UK, or no cover at all without paying extra.

Although the average cover period is 56 days, a quarter of the UK’s major car insurance providers limit European cover to thee days, and a further 25 offer no cover at all unless you pay extra, according to the findings.

“The exodus to France and Spain is part and parcel of the British summer, and many holidaymakers prefer to drive. If you are planning a road trip to the continent you can’t take it for granted that your car insurance will cover you abroad, “warns Sean Gardner, Chief Executive of

“Many of the biggest names in car insurance will only cover you for a couple of days. That might get you to the Costa Brava and back but it certainly isn’t enough for a decent holiday.”

But, says Mr Gardner, there is no need to get caught out: “There are a number of comprehensive policies on the market which will cover you without a charge. The key is to check before you buy,” he said.

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Written by Editorial Team