Huge Implications Of Mobile Use For Car Insurance

27 February 2007

As new, tougher penalties on using a mobile phone while driving enter into force, car insurance industry insiders have warned drivers who break regulations may be charged higher premiums.

The new regulations give offenders three points on their licence in addition to a £60 fine.

“It’s quite simple – it’s impossible to do two things at once and do them well,” commented transport secretary Douglas Alexander.

The new penalties are likely to “have huge implications for motor insurance premiums” for drivers with a conviction for chatting while driving, James Harrison, chief executive of, suggested.

The average premium paid by a driver with points on their licence for using their mobile while driving would rise by £150, he estimated.

“Thousands of careless motorists” should expect to “find themselves paying far more than they’re used to for their annual policies”, Mr Harrison warned.

Meanwhile, new research from suggests that drink and drug-related driving offences are far more likely to involve a man, while women are more likely to disobey rules directing traffic.

No prediction has yet been forthcoming on who is most likely to violate the mobile ban, however.

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Written by Editorial Team