Keep Copy Of Car Insurance Certificate In The Car

30 July 2007 / by None

Motorists who do not keep copies of their insurance documents in their cars are risking a fine and even confiscation if they are stopped by the police, warns

Although insurers are required to send a driver’s details to the Motor Insurnace Database within 10 days of purchase, errors happen. In a recent case, a girl’s father’s car was wrongly confiscated due to a system error and is urging people to keep one step ahead by having a copy of their insurance in the vehicle at all times as proof that they are insured.

“This is a case of guilty until proven innocent,” says James Harrison, chief executive of “If an insurer is late in reporting a new policy owner’s details to the Motor Insurance Database then the unsuspecting driver could mistakenly be deemed ‘uninsured’ and then fined if stopped by police

“Every driver can avoid this hassle and embarrassment by simply keeping photocopied proof of insurance in the glove compartment as soon as they receive the certificate from the insurer.

“Ideally more insurers will offer customers the option of requesting an electronic copy of the policy as soon as it has been purchased. Swiftcover are one of the very few who already do this. This will reduce the risk of being wrongly perceived as uninsured in the first couple of days while the certificate is still in the post.”

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