Offset Rising Fuel Tax With Cheaper Car Insurance

03 May 2007

Choosing the right insurance can help cut the cost of motoring at a time when rising fuel and vehicle excise duties are placing a heavier burden on drivers, American Express has claimed.

Shopping around for a motor insurance deal can save customers significant sums, yet 43 per cent of people fail to do the proper research before selecting their provider, the insurer’s research showed.

“Whilst there is little motorists can do to cut the cost of fuel or road tax, insurance is one area where real savings can be made,” stressed American Express’ marketing manager Joanne Field.

In a recent poll, more than nine in ten people told Zurich Insurance the expense attached to running their car had soared over the past five years.

Three quarters said they were now budgeting more carefully in order to be able to keep driving.

But up to one third were taking to the roads in vehicles which may not be road-worthy by delaying getting an MOT for financial reasons.

There are easier and safer ways to save yourself money as a motorist than dodging MOT, American Express has stressed.

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Written by Editorial Team