Privilege Upgrades Car Insurance

26 September 2005 / by None

Privilege has upgraded its current car insurance policy and is offering a larger replacement hire car to accommodate families.

Customers opting for the new Privilege Guaranteed Hire Car option will now be offered family-sized vehicles instead of the previously offered, smaller models like the Fiat Seicento or the Daewoo Matiz.

A spokesman for Privilege Insurance said: ” For some customers, a small courtesy car is all that is required. But for most, whether they need the space for the school run, suitcases or a set of golf clubs, the extra room in a family-sized replacement could make their own car being off the road a little less inconvenient.

“We’ve added this option so customers can decide what best suits their needs.”

The opportunity to upgrade to Privilege’s Guaranteed Hire Car option has been extended to all Privilege Insurance customers and costs £25.20.

A recent survey by Virgin Money Car Insurance found that a quarter of Scottish drivers think that there are too many outdated and confusing road signs in Scotland.

The survey polled drivers on what they would like to see on signs. Some suggested a rip-off petrol price sign whilst others wanted speed trap signs.

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Written by Editorial Team