‘Rusty Driver Syndrome’ Affects Almost 1 Million British Motorists Says Churchill Car Insurance

Written by Editorial Team
07 September 2007 / by None

Nearly one million British drivers suffer from what Churchill Car Insurance has deemed ‘rusty driver syndrome’ and need a refresher course on the rules of the road to revive their driving skills.

Research from Churchill has found that 42 per cent of drivers in the UK do not drive on a regular basis and as a result are lacking the solid driving skills they need, which is putting other motorists at risk when they do occasionally take to the roads.

Frances Browning, spokesperson for Churchill Car Insurance says: “Motorists getting back behind the wheel after a break from driving can find it daunting. Drivers need to be able to handle a range of different road and traffic situations, which only regular practice can help with.”

The research also reveals that 11 per cent of motorists have left a gap of at least two years before getting back behind that wheel, which means that there is a high chance they could have forgotten important aspects of driving and keeping safe on the open highway.

Confidence is a major issue for nearly half of drivers, who admit that they don’t enjoy driving in city centres or on busy roads, and a further 57 per cent say they would rather steer clear of driving in cities.

Browning concludes: “When motorists pass their driving tests, it doesn’t necessarily qualify them as a confident driver. For those who feel their driving skills have become ‘rusty’, it may be worth undertaking a refresher course now and again to increase driver confidence and make the roads safer for everyone.”

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