New Santander Fixed Rate Bonds Launched

Written by Editorial Team
30 June 2010 / by Lois Avery

Santander has launched a new fixed rate bond paying up to 3.75 per cent annually.

Three new bonds are now available with investment terms of between one year and two years.

As well as new competitive rates the Spanish bank has also added a £25,000 minimum investment tier to the new fixed rate bonds on the 18 month and two year plans.

The new two year bond pays three per cent on investments starting from just £1, rising to 3.25 per cent on £10,000 or more with a top limit of 3.75 per cent on £25,000 investments.

On a one year deal savers can get 2.75 per cent on investments of £10,000 or more or 2.6 per cent on balances starting as low as £1.

And for the medium-term investment the 18 month bond pays £3.25 per cent on £25,000 or more, three per cent on £10,000 and 2.75 per cent on small sums from £1.

Reza Attar-Zadeh, director of savings and investments at Santander said: “Our latest range of Fixed Rate Bonds now pays up to 3.75 per cent on our new £25,000 tier, so the more you save the more interest you earn.

“With terms of one year fixed rate bonds, 18 months and two years available savers can choose a term that suits their needs knowing exactly what income they will receive from the outset.  As always these bonds are a limited offer whilst stocks last, so customers wishing to take advantage should act now”.