Pay nothing for a year with Sainsbury’s Bank credit card

Written by Editorial Team

Pay nothing for a year with Sainsbury’s Bank credit card

25 October 2004

Sainsbury’s Bank is offering customers of their Platinum Card an introductory interest-free period of 12 months.

That makes it the longest interest-free period in the marketplace.

Lucy Hunter, credit cards manager at Sainsbury’s Bank, noted: “Our new cards are the first to offer a 12-month 0 per cent period on purchases as well as cashback and discounts off shopping.”

After the initial 12-month period of grace, the credit card’s interest moves to 15.9 per cent. Additionally, balances transferred to the card over the first six months after you take it out have an interest rate of 5.9 per cent the lifetime of the debt.

The new Sainsbury’s credit card also offers a quarterly discount book and a 50-day interest-free period on all purchases. Sainsbury’s Bank Platinum card customers also receive emergency medical and legal assistance abroad.

The minimum limit is £3,500 and the card allows cash withdrawals of £350 a day – £100 more than a standard card.

The Platinum Visa offers cashback for the first time – at a rate of 0.25 per cent- there is also the option of one Nectar point for every £2 spent.