Pension News Consumers Urged To Spread Pension Risk

03 January 2008 / by None

Retirement investments should be spread across a range of asset classes, an exert suggests.

Ali Crossley, retirement insurance director at Prudential, said that many people were continuing to put money into property but there was no indication that this would yield the capital they wanted in later life.

She said investors could protect themselves by spreading the risk across asset classes with a range of investments.

Recent research by Prudential found that of the people planning to retire this year, a quarter are planning to rely upon the state pension.

“Property has been a much relied upon asset class, and it’s unwise, as we know from history, to over-depend on any one asset class,” said Ms Crossley.

“Property has been good for us historically, in the UK and overseas, but it may not always be.”

She also suggested that people in their mid-30s were not investing in pension schemes or outside of property because they were using all their disposable income paying off mortgages.

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Written by Editorial Team